how-we-do-itThere is nothing new under the sun. Every problem, process, technology and project on the personal and enterprise levels follow patterns that can be modelled, synthesized and mapped for further understanding of the underlying issues. Our unique selling proposition (USP) is the fact that we provide multiple perspectives and solution streams and options to every problem. When a client approaches Rhetort we respond with a Problem Map to initiate conversation and commence the process of solution streams generation.

We then apply a rigorous process of solutions reframing and retorting or re—engineering followed by re-imagination before returning to the Problem Map to further ideate and iterate and the process and loops continues till a unique and optimal solution is achieved.



Products and Processes.

  • Our unique CRUSH evaluation model provides a logical and efficient tool for modelling and developing steps for marginal field development.
  • Our SWIFTSERVE concept provides a rapid and flexible response for well engineering and operational problems with a detailed and systematic approach to information dissemination and round the clock access to expertise.