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Empowering Energy Transition

Rhetort Ltd is a solutions-oriented company. We are a cutting edge consultancy that employs collective IQ and experiential knowledge for reducing cost, creating value and innovating solutions to problems in the extractive industry.

Our primary focus is to employ our specialized, technical expertise in contributing positively to the Oil and Gas industry in particular and the extractive industry in general. We are a powerhouse of technology, creativity and expertise with unrivalled problem solving proficiency and acumen in the petroleum industry.

We are key members of the gig nation, an emerging, radical business and work philosophy that leverages the power of network, talent and technology. With an open business model that thrives on cooperation and collaboration across continents and time zones, we are able to pool and mine the requisite talent and knowledge to every project (gig) and therefore offer our clients the best value for money every time.

Studies have shown that every problem has its unique DNA and 90% of the population and competition fall into the trap of confronting problems and issues based on generalizations by jumping the ladder of inference and proceeding from conceived and perceived inferences. The Rhetort way is the diametric opposite of this.

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Pioneering Solutions & Research Initiatives

Since inception we have undertaken several studies, benchmarking and research projects and have authored several white, position and technical papers. Some of these have been presented in industry technical conferences and are available for download on www.onepetro.org. We have pioneered several knowledge and process engineering solutions some of which have progressed to beta-testing phase.

Integrated but lean and able to respond to problems using the termite swarm approach, we are steeped in research and analytics, we provide a fresh approach to problem solving which quickly cuts through the clutter and allows us arrive at unique, specific and correct solutions.

The mix and variety of expertise possessed by our principals lends credence to the earlier assertions. With an excess of 90 years combined geoscience, drilling, completion, production and management backgrounds, in addition to the wealth of experience and technology of our affiliates and technical partners, we are poised to solve all of our client’s technical problems and provide world-class project management services as needed.

Rhetort was founded with the knowledge that the world has become a village, thanks to technology, the barrier of time and distance have been shattered and service is the soul of business. To this end, whenever and wherever opportunities arise, Rhetort strives ceaselessly to provide exceptional service to our clients by delivering the most valuable and profitable solutions to their problems and requirements.

Our Model: Reframing Problems, Retorting Solutions and Redefining Value

To craft ideas, create solutions and customize concepts that advances business, humanity and the earth and to be the choice consultancy of clients, companies and countries in the extractive industry globally.



Safety & Environmental Policy

Rhetort Limited undertakes to execute all its projects in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The health and physical well-being of our people and those we work with is of paramount importance. Rhetort Limited will not sacrifice safety for expediency and firmly believe that no job is so important that it cannot be done safely.

Rhetort Limited shall comply fully with all laws and statutes of the country of operation and in areas specific to oil and gas operations, imposing more stringent standards and procedures where applicable. Rhetort Limited shall take steps to protect our People, the Environment, our Assets and our Reputation in all our activities.