Macondo (Deepwater Horizon) Accident: Systems Thinking Analysis of Lessons

Applying systems thinking to analyze the Deepwater Horizon Macondo accident reveals several interconnected lessons: Systems Analysis of the Accident Complex Interdependencies: The accident was not caused by a single factor but by a complex web of interdependent elements, including human factors, mechanical failure, and organizational culture. From a human factors’ perspective, normalisation of deviance was […]

96% of Nigeria’s Forest Cover are Fast Disappearing

Loggers have outnumbered trees in Nigeria for decades, reducing forest cover. With one of the greatest deforestation rates in the world, its forest resources are threatened. The country’s rain forest, which was over 600,000km² in 1897 (60% of land mass), decreased by half to 30% in 1960, according to historical accounts.The UN-REDD research suggests that […]