Rhetort is Redefining Energy
Security in the Energy Transition
Value Rhetort. Solutions Reimagined. Possibilities Reframed.

The Value Framing Approach

As the energy transition gathers steam, it well positioned Rhetort to offer unique and adaptive solutions to our clients, drawing from our experience in the oil and gas and research industries. Over 100 years of accumulated capabilities and competencies make us a natural partner and choice service provider. We thrive on collaboration, partnership, and teamwork with a global web of subject-matter experts and technical specialists. Our offerings come with guaranteed expeditious resolution of business, technical, and commercial problems.
Because of our dynamic and adaptive paradigm, we are developing a redoubtable sustainability practice and our focus spans: Carbon Capture Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), Net Zero Emission (NZE), Decarbonization Strategies; Energy Justice; Energy Security; Repurposing abandoned wells; and Geothermal Energy.

About Us

Rhetort Ltd is a solutions-oriented company. We are a cutting edge consultancy that employs collective IQ and experiential knowledge for reducing cost, creating value and innovating solutions to problems in the extractive industry.

Our primary focus is to employ our specialized, technical expertise in contributing positively to the Oil and Gas industry in particular and the extractive industry in general. We are a powerhouse of technology, creativity and expertise with unrivalled problem solving proficiency and acumen in the petroleum industry.

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There is nothing new under the sun. Every problem, process, technology and project on the personal and enterprise levels follow patterns that can be modelled, synthesized and mapped for further understanding of the underlying issues. Our unique selling proposition (USP) is the fact that we provide multiple perspectives and solution streams and options to every problem. When a client approaches Rhetort we respond with a Problem Map to initiate conversation and commence the process of solution streams generation.

We then apply a rigorous process of solutions reframing and retorting or re—engineering followed by re-imagination before returning to the Problem Map to further ideate and iterate and the process and loops continues till a unique and optimal solution is achieved.

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