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Project Management

We provide a “Cradle-to-Grave” approach to managing all facets of the operation to ensure flawless execution in a total system concept.
This also includes all logistics as well as facilitation of various business prospects e.g. concession holders’ representatives, investment and feasibility reports, and products importation/exportation and marketing.
Based on our diverse experience and the very unique and fresh insights we have gained about field administration and we at Rhetort can confidently and authoritatively advise our clients on how to proceed after winning the marginal field license.
We can provide the sound expertise and technical insight needed to navigate the delicate slippery terrains of marginal field development and green field development. In addition we can facilitate turnkey arrangements with some of our local and international affiliates at the clients’ request.
We provide equipment & material Specification for various materials needed for the project and will provide necessary processes to support contracts formulation and vendor selection. In addition, we provide procurement services through a wide supplier network worldwide.

Well Engineering, Management & Services

Using proprietary software analysis, we can perform all tasks associated with the well engineering process. This includes, well design, directional planning, drilling optimization planning, drill bit section, tubular design and specification, drilling fluid specification, Pore pressure prediction, torque and drag modelling, cost estimation, and equipment specification.
Drilling and completion plans can be developed for re-drills of existing wells and fresh wells as necessary.
In conjunction with our technical partners, we can provide seismic reprocessing, interpretation, detailed prospective evaluation and geophysical modelling. This is in addition to operations geology and field studies. Using advanced software and proven techniques, we can provide detailed reservoir analysis, characterization, modelling and reserves estimation.

Management Consulting

Based on the plurality of our backgrounds, skills and training we are able to bring disparate real world insight to every management situation. Our principals have all been in frontline leadership positions and in the thick of the action for many years such that they are battle-tested. Because of our acute understanding of systems and structures we are able to deploy our mettle and experience to systemic organizational problems and boardroom issues. Every organization has a culture that is peculiar to its DNA. We are able to extract this key information based on our approach to problem solving and therefore provide measured and customized solutions. The statement of requirement varies from project to project and from organization to organization. Some of the tasks we perform might include: Scoping client problems and conducting hypothesis of possible solutions; Researching and collecting data to investigate and solve specific client problems; Synthesising analyses outputs to build an overall diagnosis; Running workshops to facilitate discussions for solutions streams; Engaging and managing client stakeholders to create "buy-in" to a change initiative; Facilitating change, value or team engineering workshops and Constructing and delivering business presentations, and interim progress reports.

Performance Engineering & Improvement

Business is performance art and performance improvement requires skillful engineering and sometimes re-engineering. The discipline and art of performance improvement and engineering is a matured field in which the principals of Rhetort developed special competencies. We offer coaching, mentoring and technical support service both at the well site and in the office. We are able to support the client on a 24 hour cycle. Our performance engineering and improvement practice is structured after the classic performance consulting process. It is a strategic process that produces business results by maximizing performance of people and organizations. For the oil and gas industry we deploy the Beyond-Technical-Limit-Methodology which is backed by strong lean and six-sigma philosophies for achieving continuous incremental improvement in performance.

Training & Human Capital Development

We value relationships at Rhetort and have a strong network of competent and seasoned professionals, technicians, tradesmen of every experience class and persuasion based on our pedigree in the oilfield. We are therefore able to provide experienced and reputable technical manpower (both Nationals and Expatriates) to fulfil a variety of disciplines (Drilling-Engineering & Operations Supervision, Geological/Geophysical, Reservoir, Logistics, Safety and procurement Professionals) and assignment providing not just a ‘body’ to the client’s operation, but a valued and contributing team member. We also have bespoke competency assurance systems, webinars and online training materials for facilitating critical competency and human capital development of our client’s workforce.

Research, Innovation & Knowledge Management

We hope to be the partners of choice in collaborating with clients, companies and countries on the emerging trends, sub-cultures and innovations disrupting the business landscape. We believe we can champion and vanguard the birth of a new dawn of innovation and creativity as a tool for competitive advantage in the business arena. We currently have an invitation-only blog and website, rhinovatr.com in the works to leverage collective intelligence for creating an oil and gas industry innovation eco-system.